Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moving on...

So... it's official. Pretty soon I will be saying goodbye to Nashville

and saying herro to Raleigh.

Jamie is up there right now checking it out. He really likes it. We only found out that we were moving a few weeks ago. Everything is going so fast. There is so much pressure. Jamie is being transferred, but I need to find another job ASAP. I am also in the process of selling the house. I just finished slapping together my thesis so I can graduate this semester. I basically wrote it in four days, did revisions over the next week and did my thesis defense a week after I started writing. It was incredibly fast. While all this was going on, my Uncle Jack unexpectedly passed away. It sucked that I had to miss the funeral... but I just have so much going on. I know, in the end, it will all be worth it. We will have a shiny, brand new life in a very nice place. I'm really going to miss everyone here. I wish they could move with me...

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