Sunday, July 5, 2009

strange dream

Last night, I woke up and I recalled very vividly the dream I was having. I was standing in a lake. I knew it was a lake because I could see trees and land in the distance. There was some kind of greenish brown substance on the surface of the water. I wasn't alone. There was a man beside me. I am watching him suck up this substance into some device he is carrying. He's a very non-descript man... darkish hair, white baseball cap, white polo shirt and long khaki shorts. He's so focused on his work that he doesn't even see me. We never speak and he never acknowledges my existence.

So the other day, Jamie just randomly bought me a dream book. Every dream I've had has involved the feminine aspect in some way. Well, last night's dream was no exception. The lake represents my feminine subconscious. According to this book, the green substance indicates that I've allowed unhealthy beliefs to enter into my mind. The man in my dream is supposedly my masculine side... the side that is using logic to clear up my misconceptions. Also, because he was working, this appears to be a task that I need to actively work on.


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