Friday, July 3, 2009

Let the Right One In

So I finally got to watch the Swedish "horror" flick, Let the Right One In. Thanks, Sara and Nathanial for letting us borrow it.

I have to say, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be. Yet, I am very impressed nonetheless. To me, it wasn't horror at all. Instead, it was a very tender love story. I know that sounds fucked up, but I was really touched by it. I haven't seen adults actors quite as able to capture love like these two young actors have in this film.

There were a couple imperfections. I think some of the dialogue was lost in translation. Also, I suspect the director may be a pedophile. His conception of love among 12 year olds is a bit more complex than I believe it can be in reality... that and the little girl's crotch shot... and all the shots of young Oskar in his underwear... I dunno. I was a bit disturbed by that. Aside from those issues... It was an almost perfect movie.

I'm still wondering if the Eli character actually existed or was a conception inside the minds of Oskar and Eli's older companion. Is she their killer instinct or are we supposed to believe she actually exists? Malissa's theory was that she was recruiting Oskar to be the replacement for her companion, which may be so... the whole face touch scene seemed to indicate that was the case. Another theory could be that he was actually her father. I like the ending. I imagine that, at some point, if she isn't imaginary, she will convert him into what she is so they can stay young forever and he can escape the fate of Eli's original companion... then it is a story of immortal love, as opposed to a tragedy in which love grows old and dies.

This definitely is joining the ranks of my favorite movies, along with another Swedish film, The Seventh Seal.

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